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Summer Newsletter

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Encouraging diverse groups with a passion for STEM to dream big and pursue their goals through scholarships, events, and education.


The GG STEM Foundation has been hard at work creating a new image for themselves. The members wanted to convey to the community their growth as a team and emphasize their transition from a high school robotics team to leaders of an impactful non-profit. To do this, they have begun the transition into a new brand by adjusting their logo, color scheme, and promotional imagery. They have looked to incredible examples such as the Red Cross for inspiration in their rebrand and hope that their new public image will demonstrate the new page they are turning in the story of the foundation. To the right you can see GG STEM Foundation’s new logo!

As we continue with the rebrand, you will see important aspects of the foundation such as our website become updated. We cannot wait to share more of our changes with you!


The foundation is continuing to prepare for the 2021-2022 scholarship season. Please consider contributing to the success of future STEM professionals. Last year, the foundation raised $2300 through virtual fundraisers including GoFundMe and various social media platforms. We look forward to doing more virtual and in-person fundraising events this year, following CDC and local guidelines. We are always accepting donations via PayPal and our Redbubble Store is open. Thank you for the continuous support of our mission.

Plans for the Future

The foundation members have been brainstorming new ways to get young people engaged with the STEM community. One of the key ways to get students excited about STEM is to show them real-world applications and examples. To support this, the GG STEM Foundation is planning a virtual leadership camp for high schoolers to connect with STEM professionals and build up their skills. Participants will be able to talk directly to STEM professionals and learn more about their day-to-day work lives. They will also learn valuable workplace skills such as presenting, 3D design, and basic coding skills. They will bring these skills together and work in a group for a cumulative project. The date and times of this camp are still to be determined.

Exciting Updates

Check out our social media links below to stay updated:

- Mae Jemison, the first African American woman astronaut in space

Summer 2021 Newsletter
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